CashLabs In Clinic All Cash Lab Diagnostic Testing

Transparent and Predictable Pricing -
In Clinic

A Diagnostic Platform that puts the patient first and the clinic back in control.

All Cash. No Bills. No Suprises.

The CashLabs cash based diagnostic platform was built to put the patient first - eliminating the cumbersome and very unpredictable hassle of insurance coverage. Our tests include the same traditional labs you've become familiar with at your current healthcare provider, less the surprise bills and headaches of times past.

Certified Labs

All of our labs are nationally certified labs that hold CLIA and CAP accreditation, providing the highest standards in the laboratory industry.

Fast Turnaround

Our goal is to provide you with the quickest turn around possible. Typically you can expect all labs to be completed within 48hrs from receipt in lab.

Transparent Pricing

According to a recent national consumer healthcare survey, when asked what they would change about their healthcare, over 70% answered asking for an improvement in pricing, transparency and overall accessability.

Access to quality and affordable lab diagnostic tests.

Our core mission is to improvie patient outcomes. We offer a multitude of tests to help your physician diagnose, evaluate and provide an effective roadmap to healthy living in a fast, accurate and affordable way.